Nothing fancy, just trying to catchup with news

FWIW, trying to catchup with news - after my vacations and the all-announces-while-SIGGRAPH rush :
  • OpenGL 3.2 specification is available, along with Open(G|C)L BOF slides.
  • NVidia announced their OptiX realtime raytracing API / library, which will be available in early autumn
  • AMD made publicly available their OpenCL 1.0 (Khronos conformance stamp seems pending) CPU implementation in their ATI Stream SDK 2.0 beta.
  • Papers, talks and slides are being linked from here, some commented here - so far, I quite liked the synthetic Parallel Graphics in Frostbite presentation, still catching up.
Assembly 2009 also took place, while I didn't like the winner demo, I enjoyed the invitation demo and the '3rd place' demo (links here and here) - seminar videos are also available.

I also stumbled upon ramenhdr project which seems to use Adobe/Boost GIL to make HDR image compositing - if I feel like having another headache, I should take a look.

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