Adobe/boost GIL vs. image resampling

After my first experiments with GIL a few months ago, I'm quite convinced that I'll have to take a closer look at it.

My first experiments allowed me to cleanup somehow my image support libs, and the wrapping of FreeImage library.

Having now the objective of a total makeup of my texture generation/compression pipeline, I'd like to have a solid framework to back up my algorithms, that would allow me to be more "data-format agnostic".

I've got to refresh my C++ template metaprogramming tricks as I'll have to face horrendous error messages ; I'll make sure not to drink too much coffee and have some aspirin nearby !

I'll tackle first with some image resampling algorithms, I hoped to find someone kind enough to publish something... Apart the limited resample extension to GIL, I didn't have any luck so far...

I hope GIL will be worth the time I'm going to spend with it ! If anyone who happens to read this have some GIL user experience to share, I'd be glad to be enlightened !

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